This is an article published on the website Sardegna 2048. Could this be the future of fast food in Sardinia?

The Sardinian Commission for the study of food in Sardinia has taken the decision to close the outlets of over 25  McDonald's restaurants on the island. To avoid the forced dismissal of over 320 employees a new project effective from August 15 has been set up called "Tavola Sarda" (Sardinian Table)  which will replace all the existing American brand outlets. 

"Tavola Sarda" will be a new chain of fast food restaurants serving traditional Sardinian dishes from 'Pane e Casu' (traditional bread and cheese) to all kinds of  locally grown produce. A massive advertising campaign has been launched at airports and contracts have already been established with airlines to provide passengers flying to and from Sardinia with the opportunity to sample these culinary delights. "Tavola Sarda" will draw from a consortium of suppliers including:

Casizolu Cheese

- Casizolu Cheese and Cream Cheese from Consortium  Montiferru
- Bottarga Cabras (pressed and dried Mullet Roe)
- Sardinian Honey 
- Cooperativa dei Salumi di Terra Madre
- Bread Makers from Nuoro
- The Sardinian Brewery