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Authored by Malachi Bogdanov 

British Theatre director Malachi Bogdanov moves to Sardinia with nothing but a Fiat Punto full of his worldly possessions and a few Italian

swear words....

A humorous travelogue, cookbook and celebration of Sardinian culture revolving around food, theatre and the rich, diverse tapestry of life in the Med.

This mini Sardinian bible, attractively illustrated, is a must for anyone wishing to gain an insight into life on this beautiful island.

“a must-take for visitors to Sardinia … light-hearted but informative observations on life on this idiosyncratic isle” Robert Andrews - The Rough Guide to Sardinia

Photo from the trailer set for the movie 'From Ithaca with Love - The Odyssey' Stintino, Sardinia.

A new film 'From Ithaca With Love - The Odyssey' to be shot in Sardinia.

From the producers European Drama Network - Why Sardinia? 
The reasons for choosing to make this film in Sardinia are multiple.

Although this is the story of the Greek Odysseus return to his island home from the Trojan War for most of his journey his adrift in the Mediterranean Sea far from everything he knows. Therefore it makes sense to film in Sardinia with Stintino as the key location particularly as the coastline around Stintino also offers a variety of different setting from the spectacular beaches and blue water to rocks, cliffs and secluded tree lined bays.

Sardinia also has a music tradition that directly links to Ancient Greece and The Odyssey. The pipes played by Luigi Lai are a descendent of the double-pipe auloi, the sounds that is said to have accompanied the devotees of Dionysus in their ecstatic dances.

Sassari is the home of the director Malachi Bogdanov. The producer Simon Woods, spent a number of years visiting Sassari, including submitting a short film to the first Sardinian Film Festival, before living here for six months during the making of The Mandrake Root. The support from local production company Bencast, theatre companies, the Commune, the business and the people of the city made the making of The Mandrake Root a fantastic experience.

Sardinia has a wealth of talent that we can draw on to make this film. It has the infrastructure we need to accommodate an international cast and crew. We also hope to edit both the film and the sound here, working with companies already here.

Importantly Sardinia has a rich and individual culture that makes it a place where you want to spend time.

A modern day movie of Homer's The Odyssey made in Ancient Greek & Latin
Subtitled for the world and distributed free to every school on the planet and made in Sardinia
This is a foreign film in every language subtitled through global crowd sourcing, simultaneously distributed in cinema, online, BluRay & DVD and free to every school and university
Financed by 450 sponsors with a desire to do something extraordinary as creative global citizens by making a donation of £1000 (€1200/$1500) 

Could Sardinians soon be eating Pecorino Fondu, making cuckoo clocks and speaking Swiss? According to the following article (courtesy of The Local) this could be a reality if a certain group of people had their way. There is however one small problem - the Sardinians! They won't let it happen.

Could Sardinia become Switzerland's 27th canton? In a bid to ease Italy's economic woes, a Facebook campaign has been set up to sell the southern Italian island of Sardinia to the Alpine country.

The “Maritime Canton” (“Canton Marittimo”) facebook group has gained more than 3,500 members attracted to the debate of selling Italy’s second-largest island to the wealthy Swiss.

“We are investigating the willpower of Sardinians of allowing Italy to sell Sardinia to Switzerland, to repay part of the public debt and restart the national economy,” the group description reads.

The group’s creators also address some of the key practical issues of switching nationalities after 150 years as part of Italy.

“Us Sardinians therefore become Swiss, without doing military service, have [Swiss] francs instead of the euro, and a local economy aligned as soon as possible with that of the new motherland,” the group says.

While first set up in 2012, the group was reactivated over the weekend as Italy’s newly-appointed prime minister, Matteo Renzi, was sworn into power.

“The time has arrived to reopen negotiations,” according to the group, inviting people to contribute ideas both for and against a breakaway Sardinia.

The fresh campaign comes just days after the Swiss voted to curb immigration from the EU; a restriction which would presumably not apply to the proposed Swiss-Sardinian canton.

While the approach of ditching Italy for a more wealthy neighbour may be new for Sardinia, the concept of succession has been popular in other parts of Italy.

The Northern League (Lega Nord) party gained prominence in the 1990s by calling for independence for the north of Italy, which it saw as propping up the country’s poorer southern regions.

Earlier this month party leader Matteo Salvini renewed calls for autonomy, while backing similar campaigns in Scotland in the UK and Catalonia in Spain.