After a successful first event in 2013, Sardinia Pride is back for a second time in the small north western city of Alghero on Saturday 28th June.
The first event attracted around 6,000 people, a number the organizers hailed as a great success for such a small Island.

2013’s event was held in Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital. This year, it will take place in the coastal town known as ‘little Barcelona’, with a program including debates, exhibitions, films, performances, parties and shows. After the parade there will be a show and a concert at the port.

‘So we think now that we have to try to force the politicians to take decisions about our rights and about a real fight against homophobia’ organiser Massimo Mele told Gay Star News.

The organizers of the event want to bring awareness to the existence of the LGBTI (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) community in Sardinia with the goal of eventually attaining full equal rights and saying 'NO' to any kind of discrimination and hatred.
The lead-up to Sardinia Pride will begin in May with a series of initiatives which, from
Sassari to Cagliari, will track the route of the Queeresima (a play on words between the Italian term Quaresima, which means Lent, and Queer) in other words the forty days of queer suffering that divide the 17th of May - International Day Against Homophobia - and 28th of June - World Day of LGBTQ Pride.

Though the main topic for 2014’s Pride is ‘sex, sex phobia, homophobia’, many other things will also be discussed, including gay and lesbian families, same-sex parenting, bullying and various forms of training aimed at building a culture of respect and differences.

'We hope we can make the other people think differently about homosexuality, because much of homophobia comes from a lack of experience; not knowing any gay, lesbian or transsexual people, or anything about gay life' says Mele.

‘We are trying to make Sardinian people understand LGBTI people are normal citizens like everyone else and they deserve respect'.

Thanks to Gay Star News