Sardinians like most Italians don't like their spicy food but are partial to a hot spicy oil. Every pizzeria will have a bottle on hand to drizzle over pizza as will most restaurants for those of us that like a bit of heat on our salads. We bought fresh chillies that we hung to dry for a month but you can always just use chilli flakes.


1 litre of Olive Oil (Doesn't have to be extra virgin)
40g of chilli flakes

If you are using fresh dried chillies they need to be finely chopped into flakes. You can use a blender to speed things up. Gently heat the oil in a large pan but not until boiling point. When the oil is nice and hot add the chilli flakes and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Add 2 or three whole chillies for good measure. Let the oil cool for 10 minutes before decanting into bottles ensuring all the flakes go in. Seal the bottles and let rest for 3-4 days before using. We used a sterilized wine bottle for the mixture but any sterilized glass receptacle will do as long as you can put a top on it.

The more flakes you add the hotter the oil.