"A story of passion, love and friendship. A story of many boys and girls raised in Sardinia to which Ichnusa Beer was a witness. The new advert celebrates a century of this bond and enhances the role of Ichnusa as being synonymous with socializing and sharing for exactly 100 years. Generations of Sardinians were encouraged to have fun sipping Ichnusa and this advert marks the beginning of a centuries-old tradition that has accompanied the life of many Sardinians and become a 'keeper' of the stories of people." - Ichnusa

Approximately two hundred riders and extras descended on the picturesque town of Silanus (in central Sardinia) to frame the story in a setting that evokes the magic of ancient island traditions and festivities. A trip back in time and taste to seduce lovers of Ichnusa old and new.

This is the ad created by Ichnusa to celebrate with the Sardinians and Sardinia 100 years of their favourite local beer. The choice of location is symbolic in that fans of Ichnusa will recognise the famous Nuraghe Orolio dipicted in a previous advert as an inviting beer! The advert stars Italian Heart throb Andrea Preti.

Every first Friday of the month , from May to December, Ichnusa opens its doors to the public at the 'Old Assemini Brewery' near Cagliari.

If on holiday you want to see first-hand how Ichnusa beer is made and follow all the stages of production to the inevitable final tasting you can book your visit (subject to availability) at