Sardegnafilieracorta is an association which aims to promote only local quality produce and to encourage local economy. How does this happen?
The path between producer and consumer is substantially shortened as families can do their weekly shopping directly from the producer or from groups of associated producers. This  definitely cuts the final cost of the products while at the same time it guarantees a fair trade also for the producers. Also, the consumer is guaranteed the absolute traceability of the products and the good habit of consuming only seasonal food is reintroduced.

Sardegnafilieracorta organizes several events called "Days of Local Food Quality" which take place in beautiful natural settings and aim to raise the consciousness about the importance of the principles that the association promotes.

Among the topics "The world of bees", "The mini rice cultivation in Sardinia", "Sardinian organic grain and its usage", "The art of reuse and recycling", "The shepherd that shows how cheese is made" and "Good food and sports travelling together"