"I’m hungry and head off to the nearest cafĂ© for a tramezzino and cold beer. For those of you that have never encountered the tramezzino it is a triangular, crust less, Italian sandwich on soft white bread filled with any number of delicious things. Popular filling combinations include: tonno e insalata, tonno e pomodoro, prosciutto e formaggio, pomodoro e mozzarella, prosciutto e funghi, gamberi e insalata, uovo e pomodoro or uovo e insalata. Normally a couple of them suffice and washed down with a cold Ichnusa beer makes the perfect light lunch.

Ichnusa is the beer of choice in Sardinia. Brewed on the Island since 1912 in the southern town of Assemini near Cagliari it is  a  crisp blond beer (4.7 %ABV) and a wonderful thirst quencher on a hot day. It gets it’s name from the ancient Greek name for Sardinia - Hyknusa. The dark brown bottle bares proudly the unmistakable Sardinian flag called I Quattro Mori .The Four Moors flag consists of a red cross on a white background with a Moors head in each corner and originates from Genoa. Apparently in 1190 the English asked and were granted the right to use the Genoan crossed flag to have their ships protected by the numerous pirate attacks in the Mediterranean and Black Sea. For the privilege the English monarch of the time paid Genoa's Doge an annual fee. I wonder if we are still paying? Ichnusa is now owned by Heineken but thankfully that doesn’t effect the taste!"

Extract from the book 'On Another Island' by Malachi Bogdanov